What A Personal Injury Solicitor Is For

Each year, personal injury solicitors services are called upon because thousands of people suffer injuries caused by minor or major accidents in Britain.

A sudden car crash or a mishap during work may lead to a serious injury. Many times, in cases such as these, someone or something else is liable for the accident giving the suffering victims the right to take such matters to court.

Things can be legally initiated with the involvement of a personal injury solicitor or a lawyer, moderating the matters of law, and giving initial consultations free of charge. This process becomes easier if the victim has a valid claim.

Will Personal Injury Solicitors Take Up Your Case?

To establish and initiate your case, the solicitor might need to examine the case asking you some basic questions, for example:

  1. Were there any eye witnesses to the accident that you have collected contact details?
  2. What, if any, financial expenses have you encountered due to the accident?

Personal injury solicitorsOne of the preliminary steps to be taken in a matter of court is, to dispatch a claim letter to the defendant, describing all necessary details of the accident.

For a strong claim letter, the victims of the accident can also include medical records or his/her doctor’s outlook on the matter. The circumstances in which the incident took place should be well explained and as vividly as possible.

The person that has been injured due to the accident will have to look into the matter concerned by a certain time frame (generally three years).

Now, the defendant may accept or deny the allegation. If he/she accepts responsibility of the incident, personal injury solicitors can try and resolve the matter away from court.

When Can You Claim For Your Accident?

In England and Wales, the individual pressing charges should be instigated within the period of three years. On the other hand, victims who are minors and below the age of 18 are differently handled in the court of law in the UK.

To claim, the responsible party, it is very important for a person to study the law of the country before taking matters to court, which prepares the concerned party mentally. And if the claiming party is unaware of the law of the country, they can at all times make contact with their solicitor which may help out on various matters regarding the filed lawsuit.

The solicitor mainly advises the effected parties hence, tries to straighten out the issue without unnecessary complications.

Further more, the personal injury  solicitor facilitates the claiming party in realising the worth of their claim.

A legal claim is placed before the defendant party, presented under the “Part 36 offer”. From here on, the defendant party has all the rights to analyse the case closely. If the opponent party agrees on the figures demanded, then matters may be settled outside court.

However, the defendant party might also differ in opinion on this subject matter. This is where the solicitor comes to terms with the opponent party and the case might even be determined in court, if required.

How Much Can A Personal Injury Solicitor Claim For Your Accident?

The damage may be either special or general. The Tort Law is an obligation applied by the courts of the state to grant general or special assistance to the injured party experiencing damages from the wrongful acts of other.

The reimbursement for a personal injury largely depends upon the severity of the injury or damage. Injuries like broken bones and brain damage can cause the highest injury settlements and are cautiously handled.